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Personalized mixed martial arts training in Austin, Texas! The absolute best way to lose weight, build muscle, and learn to defend yourself! I train my clients using a mix of Krav Maga, kickboxing, Muy Thai, and Jui Jitsu! I’ll help you get in the best physical and mental shape of your life. Group classes and 1 on 1 programs offered!


About your instructor

My name is Aaron pickett and I was born in Virginia Beach, VA. Growing up I was out of shape, lacked confidence, and didn’t even know how to make a fist. I decided I needed to make a change and started my martial arts journey at eighteen, it quickly grew into one of my biggest passions. I began my training with Krav Maga and boxing, then made my amateur mixed martial arts debut in 2016. I fought for Spartyka fight league in Norfolk, VA.  I received my black belt in Krav Maga and continued training in Muy Thai, kickboxing, and Jui Jitsu for 4 years. I served 6 years combined as an EMT and Sheriff’s Deputy until I decided to move closer to a city that inspired me to pursue my passion of teaching something that has given me so much!


Training programs

MMA boot camp 

The best and quickest way to lose fat and keep it off! This program uses kickboxing combinations and realistic fight situations to improve cardio, flexibility, mental awareness, hand-eye coordination, and build muscle. We will use muscles that aren’t targeted with traditional weight training to build overall strength and burn more calories. This program is perfect for a full body workout to get you in fighting shape! 


Women’s self defense 

In my time as a law enforcement officer, I have responded to assaults, robberies, break ins, and much worse crimes committed to women. With the average police response time in Austin being 7 minutes, many women can feel helpless if placed in one of these situations. The purpose of this program is to empower women to never feel like a target. Never feel like you need to hold keys in your hand, or look for the best person to run towards for help. This program is specifically tailored to teach women street proven techniques to protect themselves in a variety of situations. I will teach you how to defend against everything from unwanted touch and hair pulling, to ground defense and defending against larger opponents. This is my most passionate program, and something I believe every woman should learn.


Personal training

1 on 1 60 minute training. Let me know what you want to achieve and I’ll do everything I can to help get you there!


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